Global Markets Trading and Custody

Offshore Trading Company offers clients the ability to trade global markets across all asset classes. We also offer Custody Services through our global Investment Bank partners.

Account opening

To begin the account opening discussions, please contact us. We seek to develop a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ needs so that, together, we can foster a productive working relationship. Once your account application has been submitted and approved, our customer service team will familiarize you with the deposit process so that you may submit your initial cash and/or stock deposits.

Compliance reviews

Offshore Trading Company must have transaction documentation sufficient to verify the free-trading status of deposited shares. The documentation required may vary depending on the nature of the transaction. Our customers interface directly with our compliance review team during the compliance review period, ensuring our customers are guided efficiently through the process. Once all the requisite information has been provided, our compliance review team will submit the deposit for final approval.

OTC Securities – Our Process

Depositing and liquidating shares of unregistered OTC securities can be a complex process. This complexity demands an expertise that most broker-dealers cannot provide. Our experienced team is here to guide you through this complexity – from account opening through compliance review, legal review and trading.

OTC Securities – Trading

After the stock deposit, you will receive notification from your Client Relationship Manager, allowing you to begin liquidating your position in the open market. Trading illiquid securities can present unique challenges and our team of professional Client Relationship Managers are able to assist you in this process.

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